Tuesday, April 18th, 2023 at 5:45 p.m.

Board Meeting Minutes for January 31th, 2023 and March 16th, 2023


I.          Welcome & call meeting to order

II.         Roll call & establishment of quorum

III.        Invocation

IV.       Pledge of Allegiance

V.        Community / Public Comments

VI.       Board Approval of minutes: 01/31/2023 and 03-16-2023

VII.      HHA Financials for March 2023

VIII.     Board Commissioners Items

  1. Dahlia Pena – Chair
  2. Patricia Ireland – Vice Chair – Board By-Laws Changes
  3. Rachel Bueno – Clarification for Hilda Olmos case/ Policy on Evictions
  4. Eduardo Berrones
  5. James Pierce
  6. Rev. Charles Robles

IX.       Executive Director’s Report       

X.        End Meeting


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